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About Caramoan


The journey to Caramoan is not for the faint of heart.

Three hours away from Naga city, the Caramoan peninsula sits at the southeast tip of the Camarines Sur province. The peninsula is the jump off point to explore the numerous islands of Caramoan, each one uniquely breathtaking. It was determined that Caramoan was once called Gota de Leche (meaning “drops of milk”), perhaps derived from the milkdrop stalagmites found among the rocks of the Gota port. One can be easily deceived by its quaint, sleepy town which has retained most of its Filipino-native and Spanish-colonial architecture. However, the adventure abounds upon hitting the waters. It’s waves may sometimes be rough, but the scenery is always splendid. There are at least 10 must-see islands to visit, with each one offering a different experience – from vigorous activities such as snorkeling, trekking, rock climbing, camping to simply sunbathing on the powdery, white sand. The Caramoan Islands is guaranteed to awaken one’s adventurous spirit.